Product Overview

JOYMORE-6 machine room less passenger elevators are specially designed for residential, hotel and office building,which effectively save the installation space, improve the utilization of buildings, and also show the core of safety, comfort, energy-saving and environmental protection design concept.

Product Features

  • Safety

    JOYMORE-6 adopts numbers of advanced product configuration and research and development technology to ensure the safety operation of elevator and to provide passenger with a more safety and reliable experience.
  • Convenient and stable operation

    JOYMORE-6 adopts the advanced driving technology and control technology in order to achieve less vibration and noise of JOYMORE-6, as well as stable and comfortable operation.
  • Energy-saving

    The products which meet the EU EMC electromagnetic compatibility standards, pass the German TüV energy-saving energy efficiency testing and achieve the VDI4707PART1 level-A certification, are more energy-saving to protect environment.
  • High-effective service

    IOT elevator intelligent remote monitoring: elevator remote service system is standard, in order to provide a quick-respond after failure and the IFE maintenance personnel, community property management personnel can real-time tracking the elevator operating status and failure, integrating the 400 call service center, user database, 3G Internets and IOT technology.
  • High configuration

    1、the floor display: The car and the first floor HOP and the operating direction display standard is monochrome LCD display.
    2、Braille button: The braille button of COP and HOP is standard.


Note:1. “Deep car” elevator is applied for specified usage, for example, carrying stretcher during evacuation.
2. When select C22 series ceiling, the car height is “2420 mm”; when select C16 series ceiling, the car height is “2350 mm. The car height will be different according to different ceiling.
3. 3. For dual entrance, the support plates should be provided at the pit.