Today, car becomes indispensible transportation in urbanization; however the parking lots location is the headache for architects. FPA series car elevator can help architects for this trouble by vertical transportation solution; meanwhile it takes full advantage of all build space by multi-parking lots. FPA is equipped with VVVF driving system, dual openings, three COPs and error record functions.  

  • Traditional Geared Traction Machine
    Rated Spindle net capacity:12000kg
    Index direction: down
    The rope round axis: left
    Brake: DuplexDC110V,2.5A
    Lubricating oil: L-CKE320#10L
    BNet weight: 850kg
    64 bits micro computer with three 8 bits sub micro
    Serial access communication technology
    Group control system up to 8 elevators (Option)
    Synchronized belt drive with big driving capacity and higher control accuracy.
    Door operator install on the top of elevator car directly and it can be adjusted conveniently.
    Rated frequency conversion motor with low frequency and large moment force.
    Advanced VVVF digital motor processor and IPM intellectualized power module.
    It uses operation front panel with digital display.